About Us

CareerXi was founded with you in mind. Having worked in the career industry for over twenty years a piece, working in: recruitment; executive search; coaching; career services; and human resources, we knew things were broken and somebody needed to fix them

You know what they say: if you want a job doing, do it yourself

So we did!

At our heart is a love of people. At our point of expertise is an understanding of the career industry. At our soul is a passion to serve you

We are driven to give people the best chance to find fulfillment at work and increased happiness as a result. We strive every day to make CareerXi better and we work tirelessly to help you get what you need

Some of our key considerations along the way:

your privacy

to enable us to operate as a business, without compromising (selling) your data, or continually bombarding you with adverts, we opted for a subscription model


we want CareerXi to be available to as many people as possible and for everything within our ecosystem to be accessible, so we created a tiered affordable pricing structure


we took everything we knew, and everything we could find coming out of places like the World Economic Forum, and via our own investor think tank, to create the rounded ecosystem you see today