Back to Work Solutions

A LIFE-LINE TO GET BACK TO WORK - for the long term unemployed 

Our not-for-profit retreats for those looking to get back into the workplace help provide confidence, communication and other soft-skills training, work-based skills and physical assistance such as a capsule wardrobe of new work clothes. We are looking for collaboration partners, sponsors and employers to come on-board with us

Retreat Overview 

Offering 2 to 6 week residential and non-residential places at venues throughout the UK

From initial assessments; including soft-skill psychometrics, through to regular ongoing progress reports, we will ensure we not only provide as much expert training and support as is necessary for each individual. But the structure and pace of individual learning is right – allowing us to provide intense support for those who need it

Achieving our mission: ‘no-one gets left behind’, we ensure everyone is job-ready at the end of the program and equipped for the next step of their career journey

How you can get involved 

Sponsor  You can sponsor one or more individuals to attend a retreat. We will assign you a specific person (or people) whom you can “follow” on their journey back into work - including photo and video diary - so that you can share the knowledge of your gift and goodwill with clients and customer

Employ You can offer to employ one or more individuals on completion of the program to an agreed job ready level for a specific role / position within your company
There is no charge; we would ask for a donation towards the cost of running the retreat

Donate   You can offer to donate IT equipment (laptops / tablets) that the individuals will be able to use during training and then keep for their personal use to continue enhancing their IT skills
Donations of vouchers for clothing / footwear, hairdressing and other style items would also be welcomed


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