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We are an insight and behaviour driven career management solution. Whether you're employed, self-employed, an entrepreneur, a gig worker or a digital nomad. Keeping your professional currency valuable is key to being sought after


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About us

CareerXi is the first, end-to-end solution aimed at helping individuals understand, upskill, reskill and profile yourself for the world and where it’s going

Now is not the time to rely on old, outdated methods, or crossed fingers to create ongoing employability. CareerXi lets you assess and enhance your real career currency and profile yourself so your employer, your clients and your peers know exactly why you’re the right person to work with

— Julie Holmwood & Mark Tomlinson, Founders

About you

everything is tailored towards your ongoing employability

CareerXi utilises our 90+ years in the career industry, everything we've learned and global and international research on the future of work. We are driven to help you achieve career happiness

The human touch

The thing you’ve told us the most is how much you want to speak to someone. A real live human being, with experience in the career industry, an eye on the future and the time and interest to understand you well enough to give you informed support

Knowing your options

As the robots rise and automation takes hold, you want to know where you fit in this new world and how you’re going to keep a roof over your head if the jobs in your industry diminish or disappear entirely. Knowing your strengths allows you to see what could be next

Exploring your possibilities

Companies are looking for the right people to help them meet their business goals. Understanding their drivers, their culture and how you might fit into direct teams and the wider organisation helps you make informed choices about when and which way to move

Increasing your essential skills

What sets us apart from machines and each other is our soft skills. Things like emotional intelligence, creativity and the ability to dance make us uniquely human. Increasing our learning, verifying our skill levels and self-development is key to employability

Maximising your potential

Ultimately you want to do good work, work that means something, work that makes you feel alive. Work you want to get out of bed for. And we want to support you to do that

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